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Founded in 1998,our company has a long history, which turnover is more than 20million US dollars. We have full experienced stuffs to serve our foreign customers, including special project manager to negotiate products details,handle documents etc. We can provide with not only fixed products, but also can be OEM which print foreign customers'own brand name or logo, and also can make various products or casting parts according to foreign customer's drawings or samples.

Efficient Transportation:

Customers can enjoy more flexible and efficient delivery of goods here, one of our advantages is to collect different kinds of goods into one full container, some of our customers even need more than 5 kinds of goods for one time. That will be more convenient to our customers.

High Quality:

Our quality control is another valuable service for our customers.During the production or before shipment,our quality control will go to factory to speed the delivery and check quality and written report. Imperfect articles will be rejected by our quality control, we will ask the manufacturer to reproduce or improve the quality till they are good enough to meet foreign customers'requirements.

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